A Brief History of Aldersey

The village of Aldersey

An affluent hamlet with a number of attractive residences, the village of Aldersey remained in the possession of the Aldersey family for nearly seven-hundred years. Until its demolition in 1958 the Aldersey family residence, Aldersey Hall, dominated a predominately farming landscape. The hall had also been used as a finishing school for girls and had been requisitioned by the military during the Second World War. The area also once contained a salt works and brick kiln, where its manufactured bricks were used in the construction of the nearby Coddington Mill. The village is also home to the Aldersey Golf Club. Adjacent to its main thoroughfare is a war memorial housing a village water pump. The memorial is dedicated to two of the Aldersey family who perished in the First World War. More details of the Aldersey family history can be found at the following link: Click here